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Blues Pills - Lady In Gold

Blues Pills - Lady In Gold

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : I think you all know the story of Blues Pills. The international group around singer Elin Larsson and French guitarist Dorian Sorriaux impresses everybody since the start of their nascent career. The great throat of Larsson combined with the adult guitar massacre of the young guitarist see that people admire the music of the band. And there are few bands that play live as much as Blues Pills. You could not look at a festival guide or music agenda without the name of Blues Pills for the past two years. Therefore, it took them some time before a second studio album could be released. That album is out now, ‘Lady In Gold'.

But to come straight to the point: I'm not really happy about this album. Yes, the band has become more mature. Yes, the band is much more song oriented. And yes, there is a certain high level of musicianship of course. That is all true. But what was the charm of the band for me - frivolous and
freely making music - is completely gone! No more crazy guitar escapades, no jams, no vocals pushing out the lungs of Larsson. No, it all sounds pretty controlled and even gallant. This is a band in a straitjacket. Did they chose to do so themselves of are they being forced to? I do not know. The fact is that everything that made the band unique is exchanged for solid song structures. The title track - the first single – already did fear for the worst, but also songs like ‘Little Boy Preacher’, ‘Gone So Long’(yawn) and ‘Bad Talkers’ (nice song for a line dance competition) really do not know to keep the attention of the listener. Is Sorriaux actually playing on this album I wonder? What a disappointment. One of the biggest disappointments of the year so far.

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