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Angry Nation  - The Fail Decade

Angry Nation - The Fail Decade

Label : Wolfblood Productions | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Usually I get fobbed off by our chief editor with requests for reviewing melodic rock bands, bluesy guitar players or whatever alternative scum. Where the verb 'fobbed off' for you, the reader, perhaps has a negative tone, it does not have to me. But now I can review something else, the debut album of Angry Nation. A trio from Austria consisting of a few old metal heads. And those three guys certainly do not play the music as mentioned above. No, Angry Nation stands for real metal; fast and heavy.

The riffs by Walter Oberhofer are super tight and heavy. The man is very experienced and has already played in numerous bands, moreover, no bands with success. In between bands Walter often wrote songs that he would like to record. In 2014, that process started when he was joined by singer
Wolfgang Süssenbeck. Wolfgang ensures drummer Alessandro Vagnoni to join them and so the debut 'The Fail Decade’ was recorded and is being released. As mentioned, the guitars are loud (and almost mechanically) and the music is super aggressive. That is also due to the relatively inaccessible voice of Süssenbeck who uses a voice that is a mixture between a grunt and a wood rasp. Therefore quite violently. The music is uncompromisingly heavy but at times there are also a few melodic parts to ensure that the listener can catch his or her breath. Sometimes I hear some Kreator in the music of the Austrians but also Behemoth (especially the vocals) sometimes sounds through. And of course Slayer. Those are nice references I think, right? Commendable is that the men have paid much attention to their lyrics and especially about the subjects of the lyrics. There's some brainwork behind all that. Only when you read the stories behind these lyrics you realize the thoughts behind them. The music is not very exciting (in the sense of ‘something new or different’) but it is just good and well done. Fine album to bang your head to, like in the old days.

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