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M.I.L.F. - More Than You

M.I.L.F. - More Than You

Label : Buil2Kill Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Ruben : The Italian rock machine has been working overtime again. Within a short period of time the inhabitants of this Mediterranean country have managed to release hard rocking album after album. With a name like M.I.L.F. you’ll easily put some wrong ideas into the heads of your listeners. You’ll easily give yourself too much of a Steel Panther feel, but ‘More Than You’ doesn’t give M.I.L.F. anywhere near the image the American rockers managed to create themselves.

And that’s the issue with this new Italian band. M.I.L.F. is unable to present us with more than an average piece of rock music. There’s some punk rock added to the mix and ‘Beach Blues’ has some blues elements, but nothing really stands out. The terribly catchy ‘Thief Of Love’ sounds pretty much exemplary for the entire album. A ballad of which Savatage used to be well known, but without the right vocals, without the feelings and without originality. ‘Don’t Care’ is probably the song title that explains the listeners feelings best. M.I.L.F. will have to search for a better image and some better music if they want to move forward on any future album.

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