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Lord Of War - Suffer

Lord Of War - Suffer

Label : Unique Leader | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : Technical, atmospheric death metal as slippery as an eel and extremely triggered, emerging from the US. Most fans of brutal death metal will not be pleased with this introduction. And yet I am quite excited about this second album by Lord Of War from California. What is it that makes me happy?
Perhaps the fact that it is mega brutal and entertaining? Of course that is a hollow phrase.

Music happens to be one of the most cultural expressions that are subject to subjectivity. That makes it a challenge to describe why you'll find some music great and other so bad that you want to skip it immediately. This album has seized me. It's intense, brutal, tight and especially entertaining. Of course the typical death metal melodies are frequently present as is the lack of any kind of originality. I am particularly excited because the band is able to put down melodies that are very strong and demand a second turn. References? A mix of All That Remains and Heaven Shall Burn, but far more slippery. I could not find a clip of the absolute highlight ‘Behold The Harvest'. That song manages to convince you for sure. Attached clip ‘Hamunaptra’ is from 2011, but the song is also included on the album and is a masterpiece as well.

I think all fans of extreme metal will actually like this album. A raw edge it has not, like I said before, but brutal and extreme, it is. And as said, it is quite entertaining.

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