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Arkadia - Aspirations

Arkadia - Aspirations

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : Late 2014 Arkadia presented us their debut album, 'Unrelenting'. It was a release that gave me an agonizing headache. Singer Antti-Justi showed nice grunting but his clean singing was sheer terror for my ears. It was that bad that I almost ended as permanent cross-eyed. The album was given just 53 points, they were lucky the songwriting was good enough for some bonus points. I still remember the last sentence of my review back then: If this band would only use grunting it might turn out good. Well, here is their second release called 'Aspirations' and luckily the agonizing clean voice is not present on this album. What is present are the grunts and most important: a bunch of nice metal songs. I must say that, especially with their debut in mind, I am surprised. Nice melodic and dark metal. In moments I sense some Kreator influences, not the speed but the technical elements. This is to be interpreted as a compliment. Take an instrumental song like ‘Kaatiala’ that shows very nice melodies. Arkadia made some great improvements with this album, my compliments.

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