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Enemy Of The Enemy - Hellequin

Enemy Of The Enemy - Hellequin

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This French band is completely unknown to me. Still they exist since 2008 and already put two EP’s out. Their debut album ‘Hellequin’ dates from 2013 but reached the editorial office of Lords Of Metal just now. It is just impossible to classify this band in a genre. You can hear heavy pieces of metal with groove elements, metalcore, nu-metal, hiphop and even a little jazz. The pieces were put excellent together and let hear a lot of diversity. Especially vocalist Adrian ‘Kal’ Cavalier is at his best. From clean singing it flows smoothly to grunt and metalcore screaming. He even knowns quite some rap. The aggression of Slipknot, the groove of Pantera, the low-tuned guitars and strong bass that are so typical of Korn.

Right from the start Enemy Of The Enemy rages by with opener ‘Lost Generation’. This is crossover thrashmetal at its peak. ‘Farm Boys’ starts with a piece of hip hop and switches quickly to nu-metal with heavy parts. Musically the let surprise you part after part. ‘Dangerous Species’ begins with some rapping that is interspersed with furious outbursts and a beautiful solo. ‘Angels Can Die’ is just such another beautiful song. It is nicely constructed with multiple layers. Singer Adrian even gets some support from beautiful chorus singing. ‘Smooth Pussy’ could be performed by Limp Bizkit. Just that the aggressive pieces that you get to hear have crossed boundaries that Fred Durst never dared to explore.
The band has a spirit that Korn is already lost for years. Hopefully they get some more publicity because this is music that earns an international breakthrough.

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