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Death Dies - Legione

Death Dies - Legione

Label : Black Tears | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Death Dies is an Italian band that is around since 1995. They have released three full-lengths so far: ‘The Sound Of Demons’ (2002), ‘Product Of Hate’ (2003) and ‘PseudoChristos’ (2006). The band is a continuation of a band called Evol, who’s CD’s ‘The Saga Of The Horned King’ (1995) and ‘Dreamquest’ (1996) I really enjoyed back in the days. Members of the band also were involved in Negatron and Satanel.

With the ‘Legionaire’ CD, Death Dies revels two decades of black metal and with this celebrative release, the band relives their past with songs from Death Dies, Negatron, Evol, Satanel and also honours the mighty Rotting Christ with ‘Fgmenth Thy Gift’ from the legendary ‘Thy Mighty Contract’ album. All songs were re-recorded for this release. Fans of early atmospheric black metal should definitely give this fine release a big horns up!

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