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Zørormr - The Aftermath

Zørormr - The Aftermath

Label : Via Nocturna | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Vera : In the past Polish black metal band Zørormr released three albums of which ’Corpus Hermeticum’ happened to be the most recent one, released one year ago. To round off an era in the existence of this project of Moloch, now an EP with six songs will be released. Three of them come from the recording sessions for ‘Corpus Hermeticum’, but there are also older songs, recorded at the time of debut album ‘Kval’ and ‘IHS’. Moloch got some help from drummer Icanraz of Devilish Impressions and guitarist Quazarre (he did the amazing leads) from that same band. The production was in the hands of Arek ‘Malta’ Malczewski who often works with Behemoth.

Zørormr claims to blend influences from Rotting Christ and Naglfar with the charms of eighties heavy metal. The latter influence is noticeable in the beautiful melodic guitar solos. The drums are inventive as well. The black metal foundation appears to be shrill and grim with screaming vocals, but breaks with piano and acoustic guitars hold our attention. The band plays tight and without speaking of a stunner, it is all and all quite meritorious. Two of the six songs are instrumental.

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