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Blut Aus Nord & Ævangelist - Codex Obscura Nomina

Blut Aus Nord & Ævangelist - Codex Obscura Nomina

Label : Debemur Morti | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The French avant-garde black metal outfit Blut Aus Nord and the American chaotic black metal group Ævangelist joined forces on a split album called ‘Codex Obscura Nomina’. Blut Aus Nord delivers four tracks and Ævangelist only one but the total playing time of 41 minutes is more or less equally divided by the groups. ‘

The Frenchmen are up first. Blut Aus Nord once again dabbles with a more industrial and eerie format here. Taking their ‘777’ trilogy as a stepping stone and elaborating to its (almost) logical direction. Even more disturbing sounds, dissonance, near jazzy mechanical rhythm and a rather disturbing atmosphere are key phrases to describe the madness Blut Aus Nord conjures up before the eye of its beholder. The musical equivalent of a torture chamber and that is to be taken as a compliment.

As mentioned before Ævangelist offers a massive track of 22 minutes called ‘Threshold Of The Miraculous’. A rollercoaster in which the band goes from ambient to straightforward black metal or from eerie samples to growls, fierce blast-beats to almost drum ‘n’ bass beats and even doom and shrouded melodies. All the while the band keeps an intense obscure atmosphere within the music and the sheer volume of it all can be quite overwhelming. However, this strange amalgamation of all things dark and brooding never feels contrived and that is not easily achieved. ‘Codex Obscura Nomina’ as a whole serves as an excellent showcase of what these bands are capable of and the more adventurous dark souls out there are well-catered with this split release.

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