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Toxicrose - Total Tranquility

Toxicrose - Total Tranquility

Label : City Of Lights Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ruben : The Swedish gentlemen of ToxicRose have clearly got a preference for black leather. The Nicky Sixx look on their website is clearly their thing. Next this black, slightly kinky gear, this Stockholm based quartet has managed to equip themselves with a nice kind of power metal. Their debut album ‘Total Tranquility’ has made ToxicRose ready to silence the world around them.

And they kind of managed to do so! With a good combination of glam metal and power metal, ‘Total Tranquility’ has become a pretty good album. The modern production, heavy riffing and the great sing-a-long refrain make the opening track, ‘World Of Confusion’, a great kick off. Through the slightly dirty ‘Killing The Romance’, the Helloween like ‘Sinner’ and ‘We Own The Night’, the band keeps going, relentless to their listeners. If they do get the time to catch their breath, on tracks like the ballad ‘Because Of You’ and the title track, the bad side of ToxicRose gets visible. The vocals aren’t altogether solid. The sensitive moments, when the backing vocals stop their support, aren’t handled all together well by vocalist Andy.

The rest of the album is handled brilliantly by the three musicians behind Andy. Just like bass player Goran supports guitarist Tom during his solo’s. It makes ‘Total Tranquility’ into an album of the collective. Every member of the band helps to get the best possible result. ToxicRose has the qualities to get the listener to shut up and focus, if they’re not singing along to the great music.

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