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Arise In Chaos - Terminal Cognition

Arise In Chaos - Terminal Cognition

Label : EMP Label Group | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : When Dave Ellefson, bassplayer for Megadeth, personally interferes in the promotion of your album, he expects a lot from you. Arise In Chaos is a new band that is signed to the label of Mr. Ellefson and of course they are praised and claimed to be the future of metal. As a more rational Dutchman you tend to be more like "hearing is believing." It turns out that their new album 'Terminal Cognition' is not their debut, but it is the first for their new label. That Dave Ellefson has a good ear for contemporary music is evident from his choice of Arise In Chaos. The band plays modern metal with a lot of groove and melody as well as a good dose of aggression. Musically, the band is very similar to Lamb Of God, whose drummer Chris Adler now also drums for Ellefson's band (Megadeth, for the illiterate among the readers). From start to finish this album is a lump of energy that will sound pleasant to many metal fans, only is feels sometimes like an express train of brutality which I suppose is not for everyone. So expect an encounter with a musical battering ram if you decide to check Arise In Chaos for the first time. You will be flooded by an enormous amount of energy and aggression in a dozen songs that grab you and do not let go until the last song which is also the title track 'Arise In Chaos'. It is an intense trip, but for the enthusiast it is a pleasant one.

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