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Mortillery - Shapeshifter

Mortillery - Shapeshifter

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Canadian Mortillery, with the powerful voice of Cara McCutchen behind the microphone, have been around for several albums now. Those albums are full of fast, modern thrash metal with a nod to the classic thrash bands like Destruction and Exciter. Although the band excels as a whole, it is still McCutchen stealing the show. Her voice and vocal delivery is diverse, from raw and powerful to clear and melodious. Remarkable are the influences of Iron Maiden, that become apparent in the guitar solos and the galloping rhythms. From opener 'Radiation Sickness' to closer 'Shapeshifter' you get a bucket of nasty, intense and delicious thrash metal songs. Fast, aggressive, rhythmic and melodic are the key, where 'Shapeshifter' differs slightly with a more brooding atmosphere and slower pace. But that makes it a fitting conclusion to this wonderful album. The only downside for some people might be the voice of McCutchen who often sounds as if off key with a weird vocal melody at first hearing. However, the opposite is true and it definitely gives Mortillery a somewhat unique identity. And with some great albums under their belt they deserve some attention now.

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