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Meltdown - Answers

Meltdown - Answers

Label : Mechanical Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Meltdown is a Norwegian band that combines several styles. Let me make clear in advance that this is not an original sounding album, but they know what to do to make a nice mix that can be a good addition for every fan of metalcore and classic heavy metal. The basis is thrash metal, but the vocals are very metalcore, which makes things pretty aggressive. The advantage for the band is that they have two good vocalists so the metalcore approach can be mixed with a bit of a power metal-like vocals, which separates it somewhat from the competition. The eight songs on 'Answers' are absolutely headbang material from beginning to end and the raw energy ensures that you'll be moving for some time. This must surely be a thrill during live performances. Heavy metal, thrash metal, power metal, for everyone there is something to find so 'Answers' must surely be able to find a big audience.

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