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Messa - Belfry

Messa - Belfry

Label : Aural Music Group | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : ‘Belfry’ by Italian band Messa kicks off with the heavy drones of ‘Alba’ to be followed by ‘Babalon’ which despite its drone influences is a lot sludgier and at times veers towards death doom and stoner. ‘Faro’ and the extremely subdued ‘Hour Of The Wolf’ follow this up. ‘Hour Of The Wolf’ reminds me of an extremely serene Jex Thoth. That song is quite the contrast with the earlier songs. All through the album there are more of these almost folk and Americana like songs and the way more extreme drone explosions. The variation is in itself fun, however due to the positioning of the songs on the album it comes across all disjointed. Well-executed, but do please take the song positioning into consideration the next time around. Due to the disjointedness it is now a good album instead of a great one.

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