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Abnormality  - Mechanisms of Omniscience

Abnormality - Mechanisms of Omniscience

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The in 2005 formed Abnormality releases its second album. By the way, they are hailing from Marlborough, which uncontrollably raises different associations for a lot of people, I am sure. In the years behind them they saw three members pack their bags, which is an exceptionally low number in this day and age. What is also interesting to mention, they have had one of their songs, knowingly ‘Visions’, landed in the video game Rock Band 2. The band positions itself as a no-nonsense, blue collar death metal band, that without embracing it deals with topics like the self-destructive nature of mankind. Singer Mallika Sundaramuthy before I forge is responsible for the artwork on the album. And the fact they are dead serious with the En dat het de band ernst is bewijst deze deal met Metal Blade and their current tour supporting Soulfly and Suffocation.

That element of no-nonsense must not be taken too lightly, as the band plays quite technical death metal, with which it is not rare that they play at full throttle, or just below that. Still they use the necessary variety to keep things interesting, but Metal Blade is not as big as it is by signing just any band that shows it muscles. The production on this disk plays a crucial role for them, if they do no bring along a very talented or experienced sound technician to their shows, they are proverbially fucked. The melody lines are nicely tucked in under the total violence, in order to not make the threshold too low for anyone attracted by just the fact they have a she on the mic. And that by the way is a factor you can almost not hear back in the guttural grunt. There is a lot of blast, a lot of sick twists and turns, a lot of American musical identity and as a footnote I am forced to add also quite a bit you have heard before with others. I therefore don’t see this become Metal Blade’s biggest hit of the year, but in itself it is a very, very pleasant and energetic disk.

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