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Abhomine - Larvae Offal Swine

Abhomine - Larvae Offal Swine

Label : Osmose | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Hot damn, Skippy. Now, that hits you in the face. Without having done any sort of homework I threw ‘Larvae Offal Swine’ by Abhomine in my player and after a short intro ‘Buried With Pig’ just blasted out of the speakers. Some great vile raw raging death metal which at times shows some light black influences. After a couple of spins I thought I recognized some Angelcorpse and Order From Chaos influences. And guess what? This is Pete Helmkamp’s solo project. Well, duh, it isn’t surprising to discern some Angelcorpse and Order From Chaos influences. Pete takes care of the vocals, guitar and bass and the session drums are taken care of by A. Rodriguez. However, I have no idea which of the many A. Rodriguez’s plays them here. Well, that doesn’t really matter, it is all about the music and that is fine. This album is a recommendation for anyone into evil raw raging death metal.

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