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Zun - Burial Sunrise

Zun - Burial Sunrise

Label : Small Stone Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : Gary Arce. His name alone causes Pavlov-like responses with everybody with more than just a slight affinity to the archetypical desert rock and stoner scene that brought forth bands such as Kyuss. Arce was (is?) Yawning Man and Zun is a trio that more or less continues where Yawning Man stopped. Together with Mario Lalli on bass and Bill Stinson behind the drum kit, Gary Arce delivers as Zun a six brooding songs long debut that is as relaxed and melodic as only a Gary Arce production can be. The chords that Arce summons from his guitar are sparce, echo and reverb laden and the living proof that sometime less is more.

Besides the wonderful guitar sounds, ‘Burial Sunrise’ is worthwhile because of the excellent choice of guest musicians who collaborated on this album. Starting with John Garcia, who – together with the lesser known Sera Timms – is responsible for the vocals. The sonorous hum of Garcia as well as the mysterious voice of Timms, resembling both Jarboe and Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser, are exceptionally fitting the slow dreamy music that is more hallucinatory and psychedelic than many modern rock more explicitly chasing mind expanding effects. As special treat a certain Robbie Krieger (he used to be in a popular band some fifty years ago) plays along on his electric sitar. Yes, there is actually such a thing and yes, Rob Krieger may have reached the age that most people retire but he is still active in the music business. The music smoothly slides in and although it never gets really spectacular or impressive, it does leave a nice warm feeling. Like a good cognac enjoyed near the fireplace. It may not be hip, but be honest: what else does anyone need?

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