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Vidargangr - A World That has To Be Opposed

Vidargangr - A World That has To Be Opposed

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : If I should believe the internet than the German band Vidargangr is in the category RABM black metal. After some investigation, it appears this means Red & Anarchist Black Metal. No idea what this means exactly, but it will probably be about some extreme leftist propaganda texts. The band's music is more mainstream black metal, nothing too extreme actually. To a black metal connoisseur that is. The seven songs all have a duration of about six minutes, and basically they rush from beginning to end at a rapid pace. Here and there they weave some melodic guitar melodies through the songs for some necessary variation. The song 'Contempt' for instance has incorporated a nice pace, halfway there is a downshift in tempo with a separate riff in it after which it will resume at the aforementioned fast pace. This recipe is put to good use in all tracks without getting tedious or lacklustre. Ultimately, this is just a good, but pretty average album. What makes it ordinary is the lack of sharpness in the execution. Maybe this is a production issue, I do not know. There are no sharp edges on the instrumentation and the vocals are more death metal than pure black metal. But it's definitely a good album for novice listeners.

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