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MaidaVale - Tales Of The Wicked West

MaidaVale - Tales Of The Wicked West

Label : The Sign | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Four young girls from Sweden who play psychedelic blues(rock); sounds pretty weird right? A comparison with Blues Pills is quickly lurking but is not appropriate in this particular case. The music of MaidaVale sounds much more experimental and ‘spacy’. Although it must also be said that the band has no musicians in their lineup that are of the same level as Blues Pills. There are nine tracks on this debut album 'Tales Of The Wicked West’.

It is primarily a pleasant album to listen to; good but not very good, If you know what I mean. It sounds sympathetic and pure. But not tight. And the singer has a very Swedish accent. Opener 'Be The Fire' floats in all directions while ‘Colour Blind’ and ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ sound very accessible (and a tad simple). The compositions are pretty standard. The guitar solos make those mediocre tracks still sound nice but really shocking. The album breathes a little bit of the atmosphere of a band that is just starting. I do not know if that is done on purpose or that it just happened. Take 'Dirty War' for instance, which seems to come straight out of the rehearsal room. There is almost no variety in the riffs, the chord progressions, or in the structure of the songs. Nine tracks is therefore actually a bit too much for MaidaVale. A band that is clearly not ready yet for taking the next steps.

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