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Hysteria - Flesh, Humiliation And Irreligious Deviance

Hysteria - Flesh, Humiliation And Irreligious Deviance

Label : Great Dane Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This French quintet from Lyon celebrates its twentieth birthday. In those twenty years, the line-up was never changed and they have never renounced their principles. Their second album 'When Believers Preach Their Hangman's Dogma' was released in 2009 and since then it was remarkably quiet around Hysteria. It was even feared that they had thrown towel in the corner. It took till 2013 when they let hear a sign of life, and now they are back with the bone hard ‘Flesh, Humiliation And Irreligious Deviance’.

Their mix of brutal death metal with melodic passages is witness of a mature attitude and great class. Drummer Xavier Chautard pulverized all speed records when he is on the loose and his drumming is situated at a high level. The speed is varied with heavier passages so you can hear a lot of diversity in the different numbers. Vocal you also get a lot of diversity. Sylvain Ostengo has a deep grunt voice but he also let hear regularly some clean and screaming vocals. In ‘Visceral Tormets' this is clearly audible. At the background you even can hear vaguely some interpretation of keyboards. In ‘The Unhealthy Signature: Haunted By Words Of God Part II' they go more toward the melodic direction and this number is given a very dark oppressive atmosphere. With the ‘Hérésy’ interlude you think to get a moment to rest. The band, however, has made a real devilish incantation and the abrupt transition to the violent "Demons From The Past' is therefore all the more intense. Enclosed is there with the melodramatic-sounding 'Blasphemous Writings (Final Part)’ This album will satisfy all death metal fans.

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