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Stangala - Klañv

Stangala - Klañv

Label : Finisterian Dead End | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : What the flying fuck monkees is this? Doom/stoner with Celtic folk influences? I don’t hear that doom/stoner part in it. The Celtic folk influences are, however, mighty clear and then also sung in Breton. Avantgarde metal this is to me. Not easy to grasp, but immensely interesting. The saxophone which is used forms an integral part of the music and is not used as a gimmick, like is the case with quite a few metal bands. Jazz at times mixed with metal and some serene acoustic sounds which will erupt. Too much happens to describe. This is something you need to hear for yourself in order to grasp it. However, the band doesn’t lose sight of the importance of well-rounded songs. Chapeau.

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