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Pictures Of Pain - World Demise

Pictures Of Pain - World Demise

Label : Pitch Black Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Pictures Of Pain, never heard of the band before, and judging by the size of their following on Facebook I am not the only one. Their second album though, ‘World Demise’, is something that deserves a little bit of spotlight, although it might be a little strange to describe this album with the word “light”.

The name Pictures Of Pain might be more reminiscent of cheap nu-metal rather than anything else. The music this band spits out is not so easily described with only a few words. Opener ‘Legacy’ features a very versatile sound, the song jumps from thrash to melodic death and also features some pretty progressive passages. Further on the album, (atmospheric) black and doom-like compositions join the fold. Singer Hans Helge Iversen uses about fifty-fifty both his rough grunt styled vocals and a rather flat clean sound, of which the second is rather nicely featured in a song like ‘I Walk Alone’. The grunts are where his talents lie, which makes especially the heavier parts contribute to a pleasant listening experience. The songs are long, with an average length above eight minutes. And mainly on the longest songs, like ‘The Edge’ and the title track, there is plenty of opportunity for the guitarist couple Rune Fredriksen and Arne Marton Tangjerd to shine, which they surely do. The 75 minutes this album counts are filled with interesting things and they do not last a bit too long or a bit too short.

Bands that blend all styles without the slightest bit of shame, is that what you like? Does it make you happy when bands take elements from Immortal, Insomnium and Savatage and create one pan of boiling liquid out of it? Do listen to this album!

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