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Metatrone - Eucharismetal

Metatrone - Eucharismetal

Label : Rockshots | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : Forget about August Burns Red, Demon Hunter, For Today, Stryper, Theocracy and Tourniquet. “Metatrone are one of the greatest exponents of Christian Metal Music.” The Italians leave no room for doubt with these words in their biography and even go a little further: “I think it could be a masterpiece of whitemetal / power prog genre.” Of course I understand that as an artist you are happy with your music and you want to promote yourself, but any self-knowledge and a little more humility would have been appropriate here.

The Italian quintet plays power metal, adds some bombast, has built in a large role for the keyboard and most of the songs remain in the mid-tempo range. The thrifty moment when the pace goes up (‘Wheat And Weeds’), the band knows to captivate, but generally the compositions are fairly characterless. Although technically all performed well, but they are no moment really distinctive, nowhere is there even built something some tension or something surprising emerges. Lyrically the band tackles issues such as child abuse (‘Alaf Dalet Mem’), religious fanaticism (‘Molokai’), but they do not shy away from edifying subjects (the parable of the prodigal son in 'Latest News From The Light' or Catholic prayer ‘Regina Coeli’). Unfortunately, there is on the vocals a lot to improve. The voice of Jo Lombardo is melodious and admittedly not soaring or without an accent, but he knows to stand his ground. The growls on the album are of a very doubtful level. Keyboard Player Davide Bruno, who in daily life is a priest within the Catholic Church, takes care of those, but his growl adds no depth, heaviness or aggression. In fact, it sounds like the band has pulled the first best passer from the street into studio and let him do the growls. Furthermore, I am not so fond of the fact that the last five of the thirteen tracks (‘Salva l'Anima’, ‘Una Parte Di Me’, ‘Regina Coeli’, ‘Alef Dalet Mem (Italian Version)’ en ‘Lascia Che Sia’) are fully sung in Italian.

This ‘Eucharismetal’ a "Masterpiece of whitemetal / power prog genre"? Not even close! I cannot describe the album otherwise than clichéd, characterless and with terrible growls. Too bad that the band lacks self-knowledge. Although ... maybe a title like ‘Mozart's Nightmare’ is not entirely chosen coincidental?

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