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Elvaron - Ghost Of A Blood Tie

Elvaron - Ghost Of A Blood Tie

Label : Fantai'Zic | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : Elvaron is about to release her fifth album since their start in 1993. A record filled with technical virtuosity played by good musicians. So far, so good. However, until this far. This because this albums has two important weak points: the vocal parts and the compositions. Elvaron has a male singer with a distinctive raw sound. But the vocal lines do not support his voice, even worse it makes the vocal parts seem out of tune compared to the rest of the music. Especially with the female vocalist. Where is the added value? There is none! She hits the high notes, but they seem pointless. Second element is the song writing. The album is filled with great riffs of musicians that show their passion in a beautiful way. But these themes combined do not make songs. Well, not good songs with a red line. There does not seem to be cohesion. I often wonder what song is playing. If they would solve these issues, the might get a very good result. But not at this point.

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