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Egokills - Creation

Egokills - Creation

Label : Massacre | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Wow, what a great song to open your debut album with, ‘Reckoning'. Absolutely great! A delicious riff and what an irresistible groove! Based on that track you would think that 'Creation', the debut album of Egokills is worth a compulsory purchase. Though that might be a bit exaggerated, it's a debut that should be heard.

The five Finns know to hold that (high) level of the opener almost constantly. That is very well done. The second track, ‘Life Truck', is also really pounding, but ‘Kill Your Ego’ for example, is really a lot less interesting. Singer Janne Selo knows how to bend his voice well and adapt to what a particular track requires. That makes him sound one time as Vince Neil and the next moment, almost like a grunting thrasher. Neatly done. He has a slight accent but that we take for granted. The men find it really amusing to describe themselves as hippies (‘the only hippie band with double bass drums’) but that seems really more of a gimmick than that it has anything to do with the music. The music is generally exciting, grooving and super-tight. Where the band is mercilessly heavy in the verses and the bridges, the choruses are often melodic and sound like sing along songs. This is a very convincing debut of a talented band.

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