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Dust Bowl Jokies - Dust Bowl Jokies

Dust Bowl Jokies - Dust Bowl Jokies

Label : Bad Reputation | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Maybe not the most logical reasoning; after the debut album 'Cockaigne Vaudeville', these Swedish guys come up with a self titled 'Dust Bowl Jokies' as a successor. The very tasteful debut album has made several spins in my CD player, and my expectations are quite high when receiving this new one. Maybe the expectations were a bit too high, but one can't be disappointed by the new album either. The latest release is once more full of high quality, solid, melodic, sleazy glam rock, which is performed very decent. Also the production of the overall sound is quite well done, maybe even a bit too good; this may even sound a bit too slick with the smooth choirs and additional instruments. The new album is probably even more suitable for a larger audience, but personally I prefer a bit more stubbornness and character which made the debut album slightly more different from many other bands in the genre.

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