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Various Artists - Swabia Metal Compilation Vol 1 – Barbarossa’s Return

Various Artists - Swabia Metal Compilation Vol 1 – Barbarossa’s Return

Label : Infinite Metal Promotion | Archive under various

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : After the Baden Metal initiative released by Infinite Metal Promotion, three compilations with regional metal were delivered to support and promote the South German metal scene. Now the demand from other regions became quite large, so now comes the Swabia Metal Compilation. For those readers who are not familiar with Germany, this is the area around the cities of Augsburg and Ulm. As usual, the package consists of a digipack in the shape of cross. On the cover this time stands Emperor Barbarossa flanked by three lions. From forty-three candidates the seventeen best songs were retained. Your servant of Lords Of Metal has it listened with considerable attention and has his first impressions written down for you.

Track list:

1. Circle Of Silence - Blood Of Enemies
Uptempo heavy metal. The vocalist sounds a bit raw but the choruses are excellent.

2. Warcry - Storming The Gates
Bland decoction of Manowar and Sabaton.

3. Strangelet - The Privilege Of Power
Nice sounding eighties hair metal .

4. Vanish - Bless The Buried Child
Power metallers that are using keyboards.

5. 20Dark Seven - Do You Like The Dark
Nice sounding heavy metal.

6. Astoryas - Earthgrazer
Sober metal that goes to the Candlemass / Black Sabbath direction.

7. Deathtiny - Descending
Heavy metal with keyboard elements. The female vocals are very enthusiastic but sometimes not in tune. Epica are clearly their big example.

8. Mooncry - Scylla
One of the better songs on the album. Goes a little Helloween power metal direction. Beautiful song structure.

9. Circus Of Fools - Visions Fade
Gothic Metal in the direction of Moonspell. Quite a strong tune.

10. Crystal Crow - Dorian Gray
Goes into the goth direction. The vocalist has a specific opera -like voice and alternates with grunt .

11. Totengeflüster - Ein Monolog Im Mondschein
Black Metal with keyboards interwoven in it. now sounds a bit outdated.

12. An Act Of Grace - Blitzklingen
Brutal death metal that sounds well.

13. Thy Final Pain - Obedience
Death metal of the better kind.

14. Crimson Death - Once They Tasted Blood
Death metal with black metal influences. Is played very fast and melodic.

15. Zanthropya EX - Alltagsgrau
German death metal. The pace sounds quite good.

16. Doom Division - Jesus Chrysler
Doom death metal band who do can bring in some suspense.

17. Unbound - Race Against Time
Well sounding doom metalcore.

The majority of the bands stretches from fair to quite good. Of course there are sometimes some rough edges that need to be refined, but those are just details. The album only costs five euro’s (2 euro’s shipping within Germany - three euro’s rest of Europe) and this is a very competitive price for 78 minutes of music, which we enjoyed a lot here at LoM. The artwork of the album alone is worth mentioning. The record can be ordered from

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