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Sturp - Fumigation Of Grain

Sturp - Fumigation Of Grain

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Sturp, Sturp, Sturp? Oh yeah, that instrumental one man band from Amsterdam that sound so weird but still managed to keep it interesting. Well, ‘Fumigation Of Grain’ is even weirder than ‘Rapid Germination. Really, what the fuck? Although the album clocks in at 46 minutes it is quite an ordeal to finish listening ot it in one sitting. My God. Daan van Eijndhoven (the man behind Sturp) really is all over the place. Sometimes Dillinger Escape Plan, then it’s John Zorn at his weirdest, than freejazz, than totally avant-gardist. No, Daan doesn’t limit himself. After having listened to the album a couple of times I really like what I am hearing. It is as if I can discern some sort of central musical theme to it. Absolutely no easy listening experience this is, but when you take the time for it it is well worth it.

The funny thing is the cd is accompanied by a dvd which features all the songs but then with a video clip attached to them. Video clips, indeed. No, not in the conventional sense of the word. The YouTube-clip at the bottom of this page shows you what to expect.

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