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Reckless Love - InVader

Reckless Love - InVader

Label : AOR Heaven | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : The Finnish rockers Reckless Love are releasing their fourth album 'InVader', but until now I must admit that I did not know the band. I do get a smile on my face as I read the superlatives that are listed in the press release. Like we are dealing with the new Beatles. In Scandinavia and in the UK the band has already earned a decent following and I think this new album is still going to win some new fans.

Because let's be honest: in their segment Reckless Love belongs to the best of the league. And that segment in short is the musical gap that has been left by bands like Mötley Crüe, Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd, XYZ and relatives. Indeed, accessible heavy rock with also a lot of attention to image and looks. And these gentlemen have the looks, especially singer Olli Herman (a frequent visitor to the gym) is an attractive guy, like a modern day David Lee Roth. And in the person of guitarist Pepe Reckless the band has a gifted musician. The songs are all very well composed, very catchy and easy to sing along with (‘Monster’, the up-tempo monster ‘Bullettime', and 'Rock It'). The band does not even hesitate to throw in some electronics encounter which make tracks such as ‘Scandinavian Girls' even just sound like pop music. Really awful but nevertheless they are getting away with it. Because it sounds just fine! By far the best song is ‘Let's Get Cracking’ strongly reminiscent of Van Halen in terms of guitars and composition. Brilliant! For fans of the genre this is a great release.

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