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Gygax - Critical Hits

Gygax - Critical Hits

Label : Creator-Destructor Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Sporadically there are still a few bands for whom the time seems to have stood still. Who deny that we live in 2016 and who still play classic rock from the seventies and eighties. Here is another one of those bands. The foursome Gygax from California swears by the sound of classic heavy rock bands. Not only in music but also in terms of image and presentation the band is stuck to the past. Hahaha, what a great scarf I see on the group photo of these guys. A tad Spinal Tap but that comical element disappears when you listen to the music.

Because the music is nice. It's not all that original (or rather not at all) and not all compositions are worth listening to (‘The Rope Of Shadow' yawn…….), but generally there is plenty to enjoy on 'Critical Hits’ the debut album of the band. Especially for fans of Thin Lizzy it is a feast because there are countless twin guitar leads on this album ('The Hunter's Heart’, ’Draw Breath'). But there are also the necessary influences from Iron Maiden, especially in the riffs and the sound of the guitars (‘Lesser Magick', 'Demons', which is the best song of the album). In my opinion the band sounds just not tight enough to convince throughout and in general the vocal(lines) are a bit lean but otherwise it's an album that I listen to with pleasure, and with some nostalgia. The playing time of the album is ultra-short, so I assume that you do not have to pay the full price for this release. Fans of the aforementioned bands can purchase the CD blindly.

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