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Ashby - Fragmental

Ashby - Fragmental

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : There are these rare moments that the world ceases to exist and just two things remain: me and the album that fills my living-room with the amazing debut of the young Germans from Ashby. The musicians show their vision of prog metal and make it clear that they mostly enjoy playing together and to show in their songs, that are easily longer than ten minutes, that despite strong variation a red threat is stitched in carefully. At moments surprisingly subtle. With ease and without being arrogant they show the big names in the scene how songs can be written. Even stronger: maybe how they should be written.

So far it is very hard not to use a huge amount of superlatives. There is a good reason not to, it is because I have not mentioned the most impressive member yet: singer Sabina Moser. My god! How is it possible she was kept a secret on this little planet? Sabina also took part in the German version of The Voice. She is one of these singers that made the judges turn their seats in just seconds. If you are able to bring us the lyrics like Sabina does, than you are world class. Listen for example to a song like ‘Pax’ Besides that, she is possibly one with the most distinctive voice in the genre. Her voice does not have a rough edge, it is rough with a clean edge. Her effort makes sure that the technical music becomes emotional pearls that slowly burn into your soul. Meanwhile the songs are that well balanced that it highlights the pureness of the songs. It is just February, which band will outclass this album this year? I think that the question should be: which band will come close? This album is so hard to give points, yet it is part of being a reviewer. I took the time to come to a considered verdict that matches the strict guidelines of this magazine.

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