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Arena - XX

Arena - XX

Label : Metal Mind Productions | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Winston : Arena satisfies her fans on a regular basis; almost every year sees at least one release. A new album is invariably followed by a live DVD, and such is the case once again. 'XX' shows a simple and sober registration of a show in Poland at the time of their 20th anniversary tour. And this music needs no flashy light show, big stage, or other frills required; the atmospheric prog rock of the English school is entertaining enough. Singer Paul Manzi clearly feels at ease as relatively new singer and new bassist Kylan Amos is well integrated too. Word in between the songs is carried by band chief and keyboardist Clive Nolan and is done with charm and humor. The 20 years of Arena is well represented and it is striking that the style of the Brits actually remained quite constant, they were never ever tempted to a more modern sound. And that's a compliment because Arena has long been common for quality. Only point of criticism is the visual quality, which sometimes leaves something to be desired, but that also depends on the ambient light of the venue.

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