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Omnihility - Dominion Of Misery

Omnihility - Dominion Of Misery

Label : Unique Leader | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The tech-death company Omnihility from Oregon (US) is a monster that can take on many appearances to you. More about that further on. The band started off in 2009 and after some loose recordings and a number of line-up changes, they have released a record every two calender years. After a truly tremendously beautiful intro, I feel I have to brace myself for the storm that can hit me any time. And so it seems, for a good reason.

As if possessed their racket full of phantasy blast out of my speakers, with which they immediately show their own musical range of possibilities. Initially I am tempted to judge that this is yet another band with the sole purpose to manifest the abilities of its members, but as the disk advances, I not only bump into totally crazy licks and uncommon rhythms, but also into very well positioned passages, which almost makes it sound like a totally different band. It is one of those technical songs they start the record with, the rest of it follow as a reward for the fact you got through the first song. The grunt is low and actually not that powerful, but still it fits in properly with the rest. Whatever it is you love, it comes by with this release. The only thing is that it is not presented gently. And at times that is just as aggravating as enjoyable.

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