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Nymeria - The Art Of Deception

Nymeria - The Art Of Deception

Label : Painted Bass Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Dutch death metal band Nymeria had already released their debut album ‘Facing The Dragon’ in 2007, which was followed by ‘In The Veil Of Night’ in 2011, both as independent releases. About five years later they’re back with this ‘The Art Of Deception’, which contains seven tracks that together are good for a playing time of more than half an hour. Though the band sees itself as a melodic death metal band, there are so many black metal influences in the new songs of Nymeria that I tend to categorize them more as a black metal band. Not that it is of any importance in which silo they are style-wise placed, because what’s most important in the end is whether the execution and the quality of the song material on offer is at a decent level and in that respect Nymeria is doing a great job.

Nymeria’s music is to a large extent based on the excellent guitar playing of the tandem Marc van der Meulen and Patrick Moed and the lovely bombastic keyboard parts of Nathalia Hoogkamer. Especially the latter, in combination with the screamy vocals of singer Marnix van Malsen, makes that it sounds more like, by the way very good, black metal than as melodic death metal. Just listen to tunes like opening track ‘Blasphemy’, ‘Heart Of The Blackbird’ and ‘Fate Revealed’ and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Black metal or death metal? Absolutely not interesting! The end conclusion is just that ‘The Art Of Deception’, mainly due to the fine song material and the proper execution thereof in combination with the crystal-clear sound, has become a very enjoyable album, which anybody who digs high-quality death/black metal can purchase without hesitation. What an enormous bunch of talent this little country has.

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