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Jartse Tuominen - Untold Stories

Jartse Tuominen - Untold Stories

Label : Sledgehammer Ky | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : Jartse Tuominen is a Finnish guitarist with already a long career as a professional musician. It seems that every now and then, he puts out a solo album to blow off some steam and show the world where he's at. 'Untold Stories' is his latest collection of compositions. His style ranges from complex fusion to heavy rock. The melodies are always the primary focus, and his playing shines in typical slow ballads with soaring leads - I say Gary Moore and you know what I mean.

The issue with this record is that it feels more like a showcase than an album. It might just be that, and then there's no issue! Whenever you need a session or studio player and Steve Lukather is not available, Jartse Tuominen could be your man! Tuominen's playing is very mature and elegant, except where he is taking the brakes off his right hand speed and his left hand can't seem to keep up. And then there's the awful tapping part in 'Simpa Goes To Töysä'. Bonus points are in place for a percussive passage in 'Hybrid Fusion' that sounds an awesome lot like spoon playing. Guitar aficionados might want to give this album a listen.

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