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Deströyer 666 - Wildfire

Deströyer 666 - Wildfire

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With a career spanning more than two decades, uncompromising black/thrash and a no-nonsense, "total metal" and "fuck-you-all" attitude Deströyer 666 has been a true cult band in the extreme metal underground for many years now, and has built a fanatical and loyal fan base. The band has never strayed much from their original sound and style, and has remained very recognizable over the years.

"Traditionally," the band has had to deal with several problems, including a complete change in the line-up, apart from singer/guitarist K.K. Warslut course. K.K. However, didn’t let himself be discouraged and more than six and a half years after the solid "comeback" album, ’Defiance’, strikes hard with the fifth full length album that, carefully put, is the strongest effort in the band's career so far. The debut, 'Unchain The Wolves', remains a milestone and the charm of that album can never be broken. But nevertheless on ‘Wildfire’ we find stronger and better-thought-out compositions.

Since 'Wildfire' is also the first album without guitarist Ian "Shrapnel" Gray, who was involved with the band since the debut, and whose songwriting, playing and vocals also played an important role in Deströyer 666, I was wondering if this had had a major impact on the overall sound. Fortunately, that is not entirely the case. In general ‘Wildfire’ is a typical Deströyer artillery and has all the elements that the band has characterized in the past two decades. The sharp guitar sound and atmospheric, blackened melodies the band has patented for twenty year is quite recognizable, and what we have here is again uncompromised, hard-hitting, extreme metal in which thrash, speed, black and death metal merge into one catchy, neck-breaking chunk of pure metal.

But although ‘Wildfire’ is 100% Deströyer 666, the record also shows a different side of the band. First of all the black metal influences are kept limited and this is the most thrashy album from the K.K. and co. to date. Secondly the songwriting approach in my opinion has much in common with traditional heavy metal – again, without affecting the typical Deströyer sound – and the album also regularly reminds me of the vibe and the atmosphere of Bathory and Venom. The wrought-up vocals and singing style of new guitarist/vocalist Roland C. (a.o. Grave Miasma, ex-Goat Molestör) – who here and there also shoots into the high-pitched – also provides a different vibe to the whole, which however fits perfectly fine to Deströyer 666. The music sounds even more intense, and even more aggressive than before and is delightfully "in-your-face". The same goes for the fantastic, razor-sharp, yet clear production. Traditionally, the record has a wonderfully old-fashioned charm, without sounding dated for a moment. In short, this is one of the best albums of its kind, and a must for fans of blackened old-school thrash and speed metal.

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