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Bolu2 Death - Dualitas

Bolu2 Death - Dualitas

Label : Necromance Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : A Spanish band with an impossible name, that's Bolu2 Death. Different name also means different music in this case. It is actually difficult to categorize. The band is in Spain reasonably well known in the scene and has released several albums. It is death metal with a little freaky touch. A clearly recognizable djent sound is linked to Meshuggah-like beeps and some clear vocals and spacey passages that you will perhaps recognize from Tesseract. After an electronic tinged intro 'This World' starts. This song has the aforementioned features even more incorporated and is a high quality progressive death metal song. The following 'Ahora Mando Yo' is like you can deduce from the title partly sung in Spanish and has a clear female voice in the chorus and a subtle acceleration. Here and there some electronics makes the colorful collection of songs even more interesting. A bit of modern deathcore makes the title track one of the heaviest (and shortest) songs on this diverse and daring album. And so each number offers enough variety and creativity. For the modern death metal fan this is a very interesting album that certainly does not sound Spanish, but rather has a very international feel without denying the Spanish roots. It is an album that can compete with the better progressive bands.

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