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Angelseed - Crimson Dyed Abyss

Angelseed - Crimson Dyed Abyss

Label : Sliptrick Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Six professional musicians, an entire battery of guests, eleven incredibly strong compositions crossing every line between genres. That is the recipe for the debut album ‘Crimson Dyed Abyss’ by the Croatian Angel Seed. And darn, what an album!

With an atmospheric intro we are sucked into opener ‘Bloodfield’, on which Mikkel Pedersen (ex-Mercenary) gives the song a deliciously aggressive twist. ‘Dancing With The Ghosts’ is the point where things start to get really interesting, what a delicious song with a beautiful chorus this is! The level is kept high during the entire album. The music is versatile, tastily symphonic and is coloured in nicely by the vocals by mainly Ivana Anić, without the alternating becoming annoying. Further on the album we can find more highlights, like ‘Forever Blind’, with guitar solo by Christopher Amott (ex-Arch Enemy), the wonderful ‘Fallen Angel’. And let us not forget the completely insane ‘Schizohead’, the electronic ‘Soulcollector’ and the gentle ‘Now’. This is music of which every note is carefully thought over, which gives the music a thrilling nature while it remains very listenable. Also on a lyrical level the band is convincing, and that completes the image very nicely. ‘Crimson Dyed Abyss’ by Angelseed is one of those records that every metalhead should give a try!

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