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Tankrust - The Fast Of Solace

Tankrust - The Fast Of Solace

Label : Almost Famous Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Tankrust is a new French band like so many that have come on the scene in recent years. Tankrust plays robust death metal that sounds modern. Pounding metal that will surely do well live, because there's a good dose of groove throughout the music. No venue will be able to stand still. Although the vocals are varied (both grunts and more screaming vocals steal the show), the pace of the songs too often is at the same level, making it somewhat monotonous sounding towards the end. The drums sound very solid and without frills, but there are quite interchangeable parties in the various songs. The overall opinion about this record is that it has become a solid death metal album, which could use a little more variety in the various components. But a big tour with some fellow bands will add experience which can then be used to make another album that gives the band more of an identity of their own...

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