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Forte Ruin - Forte Ruin

Forte Ruin - Forte Ruin

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Ramon : There is not that much you can find about Forte Ruin from Finland, but I do see they have a single released in 2013. In one of the members I thought I recognised a girl, but that girl suddenly has too much facial hair on other footage, so I assume that either I was mistaking, or they changed position. Then again, I it is a girl with a goatee, I am not easily shocked anymore. On this title less or eponymous demo they use three songs to expose their abilities.

The band plays melodic death metal, in which hardrock forms a substantial basis and where the vocals and keys strengthen the melancholy immensely and intensely. They play in the mid-tempo regions most of the time and they are very much orientated around the guitars., with which the grunts is occasionally making place for regular vocals and they don’t even sound all that bad, which they usually do. I am not saying the band is ready for the big work already, but with the proper guidance this just might as well grow out to become something special. They already have a strong musical identity, they don’t sound vulnerable as in submissive to trends and they individual musical prowess is harnessed to push up the bigger cause, in which every position gets its moment in the spotlight. If the right people understand what needs to be done with the band, they could very well go a long way. But there obviously needs to be done quite a bit, but for a self-recorded demo this is big, big class.

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