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Disquiet - The Condemnation

Disquiet - The Condemnation

Label : Soulseller Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : I had never heard of the Dutch thrashers of Disquiet. They apparently are here for over ten years. This may be because thrash is not really my favourite genre. It may also be that their previous albums were simply not worth listening to. Expect this album is nothing new and nothing ground-breaking. But what you can expect is a box of solid thrash as we have heard it many times before. Many times, but not necessarily better. Honestly, I was quite surprised about the songs that they have put on 'The Condemnation’. In contrast to many other thrash bands Disquiet is able to add elements according to the well-known pattern which make the music much more interesting. There are good guitar leads and the vocal melodies are generally strong. There is also quite some variation vocally, with varying success. But most of all this album has an aggressive sound and a decent brutal bite, and that's something I miss on a lot of other thrash albums.

I'll limit the score to 79 points, but that will be because I'm not really a fan of thrash. If you're, it may just be possible that you have to add 10 points. This is certainly one of the more interesting thrash records of recent months.

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