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Colossus Fall - Hidden Into Details

Colossus Fall - Hidden Into Details

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Tim : These Swiss guys started in 2011 and now in 2015 they have reached the point where they finished their first full album. They make a chaotic combinations of metalcore, sludge and thrash metal. The tracks move from a devastating groove to fast guitar riffs. The dark voice roars around the clock, the guitars are pitch to the lowest level and the drums are heavy.

To start with a short and fierce track I point out to ‘Kabuki’. It is a chaotic, fast but also has short sluggish parts, it is very restless. The guys are doing a good job in show off their capabilities. An even more chaotic track is ‘Bullseyes’, this is because of the offbeat playing. This is something I can appreciate a lot. Their best track for me is ‘The Errorist’, a very sluggish, heavy and atmospheric song that takes you to the darkest places of your thoughts. Once you have arrived there they speed up the music and towards the end they slow it back down. In this part the vocal is at its best, he yells intensely.

In 2013 I have listened to their EP and I hear a big overall improvement. The quality of the mix also made a big step forward, but there is more, the singing is better understandable and the riffs are catchier then before. Cool to notices that there is a positive development throughout the band. For all the lovers of sludge and math metal, you will have to check out this album.

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