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Against The Plagues - Purified Through Devastation

Against The Plagues - Purified Through Devastation

Label : Non Serviam Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : Nice, this is exactly what I was waiting for. A band that plays brutal US-metal that is both extremely brutal and yet very entertaining and catchy. Stylistically, this sounds quite a lot like Kataklysm and the level is really not much lower. From beginning to end, this fifth album filled with of genuine brutal and very melodic death metal to match. Fierce grunts and screams give it a malignant and extreme sound and because of the fact that there is a lot of variation in pace never album never sees a dull moment. A master, in my opinion, is the drummer who acts like a beast.

Delicious, finally not a band that not only can make noise or can play very technical. These guys come from many different brutal US death metal bands (including Malevolent Creation) and have gained their experiences there. They are clearly able to write real songs that become well hooked in your head and have a very high entertainment value. Based on previous reviews they previously played black metal with death metal influences, but now there is hardly any black metal left, unless it be the sparse keyboards. The purists among you will no doubt dislike the neat and clean production, but I think it fine this way. This is an album that I'm very much impressed by. Everything is right: it is brutal, heavy, melodic, varied and very entertaining. Compulsory purchase for anyone who calls himself a fan of brutal death metal.

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