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Vader - Future Of The Past II – Hell In The East

Vader - Future Of The Past II – Hell In The East

Label : Witching Hour Productions | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Vader happens to be – together with Behemoth – one of the veterans of the Polish extreme metal scène who really made it. Now they release an album filled with cover versions and the title tells us that they did that before. Then they chose songs of their western heroes who had an influence on their creations, such as Sodom, Kreator and Slayer.

On this album they dig deeper into the past of Eastern Europe, even before the fall of the Berlin wall. There are many bands from Poland, but we saw for instance Krabhator live at work at the Dynamo Festival in Czech Litomerice in the late nineties. Many of the songs originate from an era when death metal as genre did not exist yet. We are talking about the late eighties/early nineties. Thus we hear mainly thrash, speed and even punk influences in the songs. Nevertheless it has to be emphasized that they are executed in an amazing way with a chunky production and due to Peter’s voice one can easily assimilate them in Vader’s repertory. This is a nice gem for the fans and with Vader you can be sure that they did the job profoundly and genuine.

Ostatni Diakon (Exorcist)
Noc Demons (Ghost)
Necronomicon (Imperator)
Totalni Destrukce (Krabhator)
Sen Schizofrenika (Markiz De Sade)
The Beginning Of Darkness (Merciless Death)
Ostatni Sakrament (Scarecorw)
No Return (Slashing Death)
Czas Apokalipsy (Slaughter)
Necromaniac (Thanatos)
Czarny Aniof (Thrasher Death)
Wyrocznia (Kat)

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