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Sound Of Memories - To Deliverance

Sound Of Memories - To Deliverance

Label : Finisterian Dead End | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : In the aftermath of 2015 the debut album of the French band Sound Of Memories has reached us. It's always more fun to discuss an album that you have physically in hands then listen to a digital link. Especially when it has a beautiful piece of tight artwork. Even better then the artwork was the music itself. You get to listen to forty-four minutes beautiful and innovative melodic death metal. The spine consists of superb drumming and the accompanying bass is quite audible. Guitarists Luis Tobar and Alain Del play both the lead and the rhythm guitar parts. As a result you can hear besides excellent riffs very melodious in each other flowing guitar solos. Vocalist Florent Orsini provides the music with better grunt work. In this task, he is regularly flanked by excellent chorus vocals.

After a beautiful and intoxicating intro the gas is turned on with 'Momentum'. Here is very well experimented with the implementation use of pieces short guitar licks that are more typical for hardcore. This is repeated in ‘Confined In Struggle' which is accompanied with good choruses to become one of the best songs of this album. Also such a high-flyer is ‘Amenaa’. This starts with acoustic guitar followed with electric guitars that brings you in an Egyptian sounding atmosphere. This feeling is created with the traditional guitar so the band is kept out of the waters of Nile. At the end of this song there is seamlessly switched over to successor 'Pray For Blood’ where you hear the better chop riff and work. 'The Vulture’s Pride' is again a combination of death metal with seventies and eighties rock 'n roll. Enclosed is the more than fabulous 'To Deliverance' where there is another room for a violin input combined with the better brutal en yet melodic death metal.

In 2013, the band released their self- released EP 'Living Circles', so they were already a little experienced, but ‘Sound Of Memories’ is just surpassed as their first full album. There was clearly spending a lot of time and effort to build up the numbers. Besides the already trodden paths they also dare to experiment and still bring t something original on the market. The result is that ‘To Deliverance’ has become one of the better death metal albums in 2015.

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