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Mabthera - On The Infernal Path

Mabthera - On The Infernal Path

Label : Satanath Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Mabthera is a Hungarian black metal outfit and this ‘On The Infernal Path’ is their first effort. Adorned with a traditional black and white cover and corpse paint Mabthera intentions are quite clear from the get go. Traditional Scandinavian sounding black metal with notable influence from Satyricon, Immortal and early Ancient. The production is all things considered quite modern and clear. However, this proves to be a double edged sword as it also reveals the weaker points of the album. The vocals are weak and tired while the riffs are not very inventive and especially the more simplistic riffs sound like something Satyricon would have discarded without any second thoughts, even before it was conceived. ‘On The Infernal Path’ is cliché ridden and full of rehashed ideas all done better by others in the past.

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