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Lugnet - Lugnet

Lugnet - Lugnet

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Not everyone will agree with me, but this one is almost worth the purchase, just for the great cover-art. Fortunately the music itself is also very consumable; a trip back in time to the great days of Rainbow, Alcatrazz, Badlands, and similar stuff. These guys must have listened intensively to this great material, which make most of the songs sound pretty familiar in a way (you often cannot pin-point a specific classic but it's just like you heard it before many times); but the performance can only be called outstanding! Maybe Lugnet can be seen as an album containing a lack of surprises or originality, on the other hand, one may call it a big surprise how everything just fits together; that job is done very well. The rhythm section is tight and effective, while the guitars are truly roaring and sparkling in an exceptional way. The very suitable vocals are guiding the strong arrangements, contributing to the whole, sometimes even in a way reminding of Dio. This album is absolutely recommended to everyone into good old melodic hard rock with an enormous drive.

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