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Lionheart - Love Don't Live Here

Lionheart - Love Don't Live Here

Label : BeatDownHardWear | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Tim : Since 2004 these Americans make heavy straight forward hardcore. This is already their fourth full album and no big adjustments are made. They make heavy hardcore, with their bare men claws they pull everything apart and head straight for their goal. This is music to give yourself a enormous productivity boost. Just like the previous albums, their pretty short, about thirty minutes. That is a good thing because you need to catch your breath.

They start with the single ‘Pain’, a heavy track that sounds like a diesel train climbing up a steep mountain. At the top the break sets in and the track derails in a devastating scene, I see all the wagons rolling of the mountain. My favorite is ‘Rewind’, there is a combination of two step and rock and roll rhythm that puts a smile on my face. For the people familiar with beatdown hardcore, that is the way the break goes. The bass guitar lets it rain bulldozers en de guest vocal, whoever it may be, raises the intensity. Fucking awesome! A really bold rock and roll with a bit of thrash metal is to be found in ‘Lock Jaw’. Just before the break there is a heavy hillbilly voice and then they break the place down.

A lot of roaring, double bass, low pitched guitars interchanged with two step and heavy break downs, is that monotonous? Well, a bit yes, but you do not have to listen to this for days. Go finish that chore, throw your arms loose or quickly get rid of your frustration. That is where you use this music for and this is where these professionals come in! I have seen them a couple of time and that is good, in February they have a full tour planned in Europe.

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