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Evil Drive - The Land Of The Dead

Evil Drive - The Land Of The Dead

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Evil Drive is a rather new formation from Finland that released its self-titled demo (which I’m not familiar with) in 2013. The band quickly found shelter in Mighty Music and will release its first LP at the end of the month.

This band around vocalist/frontwoman Viktoria Viren plays melodic, modern death/thrash metal with a influences from traditional metal. The comparison with compatriots Children Of Bodom and of course (old) Arch Enemy is quickly made, and is not misplaced. Due to the combination of aggression and melody the well-known Gothenburg sound is obviously present, but on the other hand the music also has a typical Finnish vibe! The music is definitely not original or innovative, but is nevertheless convincing. The band delivers catchy riffs, ditto melodies and beautiful solos, and besides that the songs contain enough variety. The band has found a good balance between aggression and melody, and between thrash, death and traditional metal, and therefore keep the flow in the songs.

On technical and instrumental matters the gentlemen leave little room for discussion and in particular the guitarists (Ville Wiren from a.o. Domination Black and Niko Huusari from Soulwound) make a great impression. Also vocalist Viktoria manages to convince despite the lack of variety, and her raw voice and aggressive singing style fit well to the music. In a song like ‘No Way In The Lie’ however, she also proves to be capable of singing clean. And finally the whole thing comes into its own thanks to the good, modern production.

I must admit that it’s all a bit too modern for my taste, but that doesn’t change the fact that Evil Drive has delivered a strong debut with ‘The Land Of The Dead’, and that the band can match today’s standards. Fans of (Scandinavian) melodic death/thrash should definitely check them out.

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