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Degradead - Degradead

Degradead - Degradead

Label : Metalville | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : After having released several albums, the last of which dates back to 2013, 'The Monster Within', the band was a bit fed up and decided to take a break, despite the good reception of this last album. But after some time the men met again and of course the musical blood is thicker than water. In three months they have written a new album and to emphasize the new start they have called it simply 'Degradead'.

Opener 'Afterlife' pops right out of your speakers and proves that the men are again excited to be playing. 'Victimize' is carved from the same stone and shows an enormous aggression, combined with a good sense of melody. Characteristic of the band was always an ideal mixture of death- and thrash metal which led to a heavy brand of melodic death metal that is catchy and intense at the same time. A band like Engel can be named as one of the contemporaries of Degradead. The well-known Scandinavian influences are present and always guarantee quality. Speed and virtuosity coupled with melody, that's what 'Degradead' offers again. The vocals switch from clean to raw at the right moments and the whole album is full of songs with the subtle melody and nice riffs. I do not know whether this can really be called a comeback album, but a good album it is. A must for fans of melodic death metal.

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